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The Most Fatal Virus in the World

The Most Fatal Virus in the World

This virus kills nearly 100% of its hosts, animal and human. We have all heard of it and even had shots given to our dogs and cats… It has been with us for thousands of years and it isn’t going away.

Even today, this virus kills 50, 000 people a year—all mostly in 3rd world countries… hard to believe but true. It is considered to most fatal virus known to science. What the hell is it? Rabies…. Being rabid will send people running and locking doors from best friends and pets.

Lets take a look into the future of a failed society with no more rabies shots. What does that mean? Plenty. You’re in danger everyday from any animal source—from a rabbit to a horse. Once bitten, you will be history and death is very unpleasant. Rabies goes through several mutations, none of them fun— except for one short period where the host wants sex all the time. Today, 60 percent of new diseases are “zoonotic”, originating in animal populations. Rabies is the granddaddy of them all.


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